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Naujienos: 2021 - 2022 m. m.

Dear Cooperating organisations of EWMA,


We reach out to you because EWMA is organising several exciting webinars scheduled to take place in the forthcoming months. We hope you would be so kind as to share them with your members and the networks you deem relevant. Below I will present the webinar series scheduled. 

Please feel free to share the webinar banners and links as you see fit.


Surgical site infections (30 November, 7 and 13 December 2021)


This webinar series is based on the EWMA Document on Surgical Site Infections, published in 2020. The series will take you thorough different aspects of surgical site infection prevention and management in hospital and across sectors.

Register for any one or all of the webinars of the series here.



The science and practice of skin tears (21 January and 25 February 2022)

EWMA presents this webinar series in collaboration with ISTAP and we are pleased to announce a series that focus on skin tear prevention under the series title The science and practice of skin tears.

Register for any one or all of the webinars of the series  here.




On behalf of the EWMA team I wish you all a pleasant day.

Thank you in advance.


Best regards,